What’s included

We offer a fun way of developing skills and learning in a relaxed and familiar setting by guiding our participants. Folklore, historical and common uses of ingredients are discussed.

We provide:

  • A whole two and half hours of exploring (with a 30min break in the middle)
  • All the ingredients, containers and equipment
  • Goody Bags to include everything they’ve made
  • Potions Book and Wand Pencil

Our aims are to develop and nurture skills including but not limited to the following:

  • Following verbal and written instruction
  • Numeracy & Literacy
  • Weighing and Measuring liquids and solids
  • Identification by smell and sight
  • Hand to eye co-ordination
  • Fine motor skills and accuracy
  • Identifying Flowers, Herbs, Waxes, Butters and Oils and their common applications.
  • An introduction to Latin and Science
  • Safety awareness and making good choices.
  • Individual responsibility and in larger groups, team work.